CITY IN STEREO is inspired by the sense of magic that happens when your eyes and brain collaborate to create a 3-D image.

Two photographs- a left side and a right side- are placed in view of the camera and cast on a projection screen. As the performers begins to move, the pictures start looping in rapid succession. The flickering snapshots appear to come alive, transforming the scene into something dreamlike.

CITY IN STEREO is a video installation and a live video experience about exploring the city, not through the space itself but through little oscillations of sculpted time. This piece will have a public showing in October.


Landline is collaboration between Dustin Harvey (Secret Theatre, Halifax) and Adrienne Wong (Ottawa). We are inspired by vast geographical distance, and its potential to contrast the differences – and similarities – between two cities. We create moments of connection between strangers. We seek beauty in the everyday. Between us, our work has been presented in Canada, Denmark, Ireland, and Wales.

Produced by Neworld Theatre (Vancouver) and Secret Theatre (Halifax)


Landline is an SMS performance that collapses distance between two strangers.

What People Say: “A curious exposure to the feeling of being alone together.”

City streets, poetic suggestion and text messaging (SMS) are at play, engaging audience members in a game of unlikely rendezvous.

After arriving at home base and registering your mobile number with front of house, you receive a “stand by” via text message. An audio guide prompts you to drift through the city streets and to stop at a series of well-chosen locations linked with your own personal experiences. You conjure a city thousands of miles away and, in that city, your scene partner. You are invited to begin a conversation via text message about themes like memory, absent loved ones and massive change. At the end of the hour-long walk, you return to home base where you find a table set for two. The mental image you’ve made of your scene partner is contrasted by their real-time image on a video screen. Now face-to-face, only you can determine how much you reveal and how far the conversation will go.

By using these wireless devices and headphones, Landline creates a playful, voyeuristic space for audience. When communicating by text message, senders feel anonymous, camouflaged. This makes texting the perfect platform for strangers to reveal personal details about themselves.


FOLKLOREMOBILE is an audio installation for a small group created by Robert Plowman and me, Dustin Harvey, and narrated by Martha Irving, Ann-Marie Kerr, Andrea Dymond, Leesa Hamilton, Sarah Moore, and Kathryn Maccormack. Six speakers are arranged in an oval. The audience takes their cues from what they are hearing to move from one speaker to another. There is simultaneous and synchronized sound and text as the audience pass through song, story, and from one listener’s sphere into another. The voices of the six female narrators create an experience that feels like a combination of history and memory exposing the little known tradition of stock car racing in the Maritimes. FOLKLOREMOBILE installs in off-sites, studios, and gallery spaces.

FOLKLOREMOBILE had its first public presentation at the Seawalk Stage location in October as part of Nocturne. We presented it later that month at the Creative Nova Scotia Awards Gala in an unused storefront.

Created with support from Canada Council For The Arts and The Province of Nova Scotia


FAREWELL is a good-bye party made for a city. Using a camera and some really long cords Chad and Dustin transform a busy street corner into a live video backdrop like a virtual window or a scenic flat. Together with an audience, they attempt to imagine the inside of an unused storefront as a temporary community modeled on the moment. There are episodes in which they sing ballads in front of the backdrop, tell stories, and dance. There are also moments in which they go into the street to perform slow motion goodbyes for the camera. In these scenes the backdrop is more like a movie screen, or interactive video installation. Sometimes, unsuspecting passersby join in on the goodbyes without any knowledge that there are spectators watching on the inside. Chad and Dustin also explore the sense of the city that arises when they show you photographs of nearby places, play audio recordings of familiar neighborhoods, and change the lyrics of the songs to suit the city’s iconic institutions like the way really great restaurants source local ingredients. Farewell offers you a unique perspective on an old city, and an opportunity to imagine what this place would be like if all the people that left had stayed.

The location of the performance will be site-specific. As an audience you can expect to see a raw space allowing the character and story of the place to emerge. You will also see streamers and balloons. You will eat local food, and listen to music. At the end, you will have an opportunity to slow dance, and to say one final farewell before you leave.

FAREWELL had its first public presentation as FAREWELL CARDIFF at the Chapter Arts Centre in Wales. It has also presented as FAREWELL HALIFAX in Nova Scotia, and FAREWELL AARHUS in Denmark, FAREWELL MONTREAL in Quebec, FAREWELL VICTORIA, in British Columbia, and FAREWELL CORK, in Ireland.


(WE) ARE HERE is a live film made by hand

You walk into a room. There is a projection screen to one end. You sit between two video cameras. You listen to the sounds of a city street. Two performers start moving the equipment. In doing so they begin to create imagery and tell you a story. (WE) ARE HERE follows a homesick girl on a journey far away from home, separated from her lover with whom communication is falling apart both literally and metaphorically. We follow her on a heartbroken drift through a city and her longing for the family and loved ones she left behind.

Created and Performed by Dustin Harvey (Secret Theatre, Halifax) and Erika Hennebury (Buddies In Bad Times, Toronto)

Sound Design
Brian Riley

Jenn Grant (Six Shooter Records)


THE COMMON is an experience for one person in a public space

Using the public spaces that make up Halifax’s largest urban green space, THE COMMON creates a theatrical walk from the North Common to Victoria Park in which you navigate with the help of a headset. The formation of the vast 240 acre plot of land, the mysterious natural creek buried underground, the immense gardens and the dominating buildings erected around them- all become a captivating backdrop for an intimate adventure that only exists between your ears.

Created by Dustin Harvey (Secret Theatre, Halifax and Robert Plowman (Playwright, Toronto)

Sound Design and Music
Brian Riley and Dustin Harvey